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Akos Juhasz aka Jayface Hungarian trance producer. Songs: One Day, Let Go, Unknown Roads, Last Minute, Escape, Perfection Ep, Mountain Ep, The End, Minimal Baby Ep, Dock Ep, Electroheart Ep, Gloss Ep.
Supports: Solarstone, Johan Gielen, Stoneface & Terminal, Photographer, Suzy Solar, W!SS, Mr. Smith, Paul Courbet, Trance-Energy Radio, Gonzalo Bam, NorthPole, Ula, Physical Phase, Ithur, Last Sunlight, Danilo Marinucci, Flekor, Mandala and many more.
Escape: Johan Gielen Trance Favorites April 2021, Gonzalo Bam - Trance.es Live 318, Photographer - SoundCasting 349, Northpole - Icebreaker 366, Flekor - April Trance 2021, TP One - In Trance We Trust 11.
One Day: Suzy Solar - We Are Trance Radio 41 AH.FM, W!SS Euphoric Garden 178, Last Sunlight - Music For The Soul 490, Suzy Solar's Faves Jan 3 2021 Spotify. Reached number 103 in Netherlands in the tunes trance chart on iTunes.
Unknown Roads: Progressive Trance Essentials Vol. 14 LW Recordings, Trance-Energy Radio Promo of the week November, Ula on Discover Trance Radio Vision Podcast Episode 46, Ithur Podcast Episode 346, Physical Phase - Progressive Vibes Episode 89, Danilo Marinucci - Trancing All Around 78.
Last Minute: Trance Weekly - Trance Mentions Playlist, Interflow Records Best Of September 2020, Mandala - The Beautiful Moments Of Trance 104. Reached number 5 in Switzerland in the tunes trance chart and number 79 in the dance chart on iTunes.
Let Go: Solarstone's Pure Trance Radio Episode 240 - #BigTune, Johan Gielen Trance Favorites June 2020 Chart, Stoneface & Terminal - Walking Through The Genres (LiveStreamEdition 4), Solarstone's Pure Trance Radio Episode 241 - #UpliftingSelection, Pure Trance Neon: Retrospective 2020, Beatport Closing Essentials: Trance Chart #7, on TranceFamily and TranceFamily Spotify playlist, Trance Weekly - Trance Selections Playlist, Mr. Smith - Smith Sessions Radioshow 214 and Paul Courbet - Transcendent Radio 6. Beatport Lastest Releases: Trance Peak Position number 11 and total plays featured 14. Reached no 1 in Mexico in the tunes trance chart and number 5 in India in the dance chart, 19. in India in trance chart, 20. in the United States in trance chart, 31. in Spain in trance chart on iTunes.


You can find the full list on my Spotify page here or in the other stores.


(extended and radio edit)
Galaxia Music
02 April 2021, trance / uplifting

One Day

(extended and radio edit)
Redux Red
28 Dec 2020, trance

Unknown Roads

(extended and radio edit)
Aural Sonic Progressive
27 Nov 2020, trance / progressive

Let Go

(extended and radio edit)
Pure Trance Neon
08 Jun 2020, trance / uplifting

Last Minute

(extended and radio edit)
Aural Sonic
07 Sep 2020, trance / uplifting

Let Go

(extended and radio edit)
Pure Trance Neon
21 Dec 2020, trance / uplifting


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